Diabetes and fatigue - Why am I so tired all the time?

Diabetes and fatigue seems to be work together forming an unlikely partnership against us. We kept on wondering why we are so tired all the time. Not knowing that most diabetics who do not manage their diabetes well tend to complain of diabetes fatigue and always seems to be wonder - why? Why? Diabetes fatigue or tiredness is one of the first signs of diabetes and must in all instances be taken seriously.


Why do diabetics complain of diabetes fatigue?

Fatigue occurs when the body does not have, for whatever reasons, enough insulin to convert the blood glucose into energy for the cells or muscle tissue of the body to use to power itself.

In diabetes type 1 fatigue result because the pancreas does not produce any insulin at all. This creates a situation where there is glucose in the blood but no insulin for it to be absorbed by the cells.

In diabetes type 2 the quantity of insulin is insufficient to fulfil the body’s requirements. This again causes excess glucose to be in the blood stream and not enough in the cell and muscle tissues for energy.

What is fatigue trying to tell the diabetics?

Diabetes fatigue is warning the diabetic of certain complications that needs urgent attention. The main complications are listed below:

- Hyperglycaemia – low blood glucose levels – this occurs when the glucose is just not present may be as a result of not eating enough for the body’s requirement by simply not eating enough or skipping a meal.

- Hypoglycaemia – high blood glucose levels – this occurs when the glucose is present in the blood but there is not enough insulin to move it to the cells and muscle tissues where it is needed for energy.

This problem may occur by not taking the enough insulin or over eating or the insulin takes too long to be absorbed in the body.

- Obesity – this is over weight- when we are overweight the body cannot carry the excess fat so it make us easily become fatigue. Could be corrected by losing a few pounds.

- Diabetic ketoacidosis – extremely high blood sugar levels – this is similar to hyperglycaemia but in this instance the body is so starved of energy it starts to burn body fat for energy producing the by-product ketones which interferes with the body natural balance making the blood very acidic.

What can be done to correct diabetes fatigue?

The symptoms of fatigue can be corrected by proper management of blood glucose levels.

The implementation of proper diet, exercise and maybe medications (if needed) will eliminate the diabetes fatigue symptoms and bring the blood glucose levels under control.

Diabetes and fatigue symptoms together is only one of the many symptoms of diabetes that must be taken into consideration when doing diabetes self management.

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