Type 3 diabetes symptoms - known Symptoms of Type 3 Diabetes

What are the Type 3 diabetes symptoms? The symptoms of type 3 diabetes can be very subtle and may go unnoticed for a number of years without being diagnosed.

This type of diabetes normally shows up much later in life and because these diabetes type 3 symptoms only appear in the aged it is sometimes thought to be a normal part of aging process. It is for this very reason that the diabetes type 3 symptoms are often times missed totally.

The most noticeable diabetes symptoms type 3 that present themselves are:

• Confusion

• Memory loss

• Dementia

These diabetes type 3 symptoms mentioned above are also associated with alzheimers disease – which causes memory loss.

The pancreas is not the only organ that produces insulin as in was discovered in research carried out by the Browns University Medical School that the brain has its own insulin supply - also known as brain insulin.

Researchers are trying to work out if there is a link between diabetes type 3 and alzheimers. More research is needed in this area to ascertain the relationship if any between the two.

How is diabetes symptoms type 3 diagnosed
At present, the only possible mean of diagnosing the disease is to do a brain scan. The scan is referred to as a MRI scan; the scan is an image of the brain which the doctors then analyse before making a diagnosis.

What are the type 3 diabetes causes?
If the brain doesn’t get enough insulin a protein is formed which is called “amyloid plaque”. The amyloid plaque was discovered in the brains of people who had alzheimers disease.

This same amyloid plaque was found in the pancreas of people who had suffered from diabetes mellitus type 1.

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