Type 3 diabetes - the new form of diabetes

Type 3 diabetes is a new form of diabetes discovered by Dr Suzanne de la Monte and her research team at the US Brown Medical School.

In the research it was found that the brain produces insulin. Yes, the brain really produces insulin. This brain insulin is not affected by the level of glucose in the blood as in type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

However with type3 diabetes the brain produces lower than normal levels of brain insulin.

If the brain cells are deprived of insulin they eventually die causing memory loss and other degenerative diseases.

This new type of diabetes also strengthens scientists’ belief that people with diabetes have an increased risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease by up to 65%. Alzheimer is a degenerative brain disorder.

Researchers at the medical school have also discovered that many type 2 diabetics have deposits of a protein in their pancreas which is similar to the protein deposits found in the brain tissue of Alzheimer's sufferers.

Scientist found also that Alzheimer’s disease patient show a build up of amyloid plague in their brains.

In type 2 diabetes, amyloids are found in the pancreas and possible kills insulin-processing cells.

The toxins produced by diabetes may negatively affect the brain’s ability to use sugar.

Dr Suzanne de la Monte, who led the research, and her colleagues studied rodents and post-mortem brain tissue from people with Alzheimer's and proved that insulin and its related proteins are actually produced in the brain, and that reduced levels of both are linked to Alzheimer's disease.[netinsert=]

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